Let’s face it; tech content can get boring pretty fast and put your reader to sleep. But you know what keeps the readers intrigued? Stories!! And by keeping them intrigued and hitting their pain points, I will create a sales copy that sells water to the fish. I can help you with email campaigns, landing pages, website content, product descriptions, and social media copywriting.

Content Writing

You need to educate the readers to build your authority, and what better way to do it than writing blog posts, articles, case studies, and business proposals.
To build your authority and thought leadership, you need to educate your readers like a professional, and what is a better way to do it than publishing high-quality content...and that's exactly where I can help.


With my proofreading services, I will fix your content flaws by making it flow naturally. I do that by switching on my Grammar Nazi mode which tracks down any awkward sentences, fluffy content that adds no value, and grammatical mistakes that can be a deal-breaker. I work my magic and you are left with content that is so on-point, it could give Howard Hill a run for his money.

Content Planning

Content is a valuable asset of your website and managing it effectively is crucial for your website’s growth. I have worked as a content strategist for a leading real estate tech company and for a B2B service. As a content strategist, I keep in mind your business goals and user intent to plan, develop, and govern content that is helpful, clear, and relevant.

My Projects

Why Do You Need Me?

You've got a great product and a bright tech idea that can truly revolutionize thousands of lives.

Oh, the thrill of it!

But here is a fact: In today's world, not every best idea is a winner.
And what you need is to cut through the noise and build a brand image where you can let your product do all the talking! But to do that, you have to persuade people to listen to you. Guess what? That’s where I step in (takes a bow).
I know that sounds cliché, but here's a secret:

I got a superpower!

As a Computer Science graduate, I am not only aware of how 1s and 0s work but I also love to stay up-to-date with the latest news regarding tech. And that gives me my SUPERPOWER.

You see, being both a copywriter and a tech graduate, I can make your complex products and services sound like a nursery rhymes. So your readers end up saying,

"aha! This is what I need…take my money, please!"

Here's What I Do For You:

Bridge the Gap

Between your product and your target audience, I use my tech degree and copywriting expertise to create concise and valuable content.

Adopt Brand Voice

Whether it's eccentric and fun or formal/authoritative, I can write flawlessly in any tone that resonates with your brand persona.

Boost Your Growth Rate

By doing detailed research about the target audience and extracting their pain point, I create a persuading copy that hits the right spot like a bull’s eye.

Whether you are just starting out or are an established tech firm looking to up your conversion game- I can help you with all your copy needs.



You have described yourself in a very professional manner. I stand witness to the flawless work you are sure to perform for anyone who needs your services. Strongly recommended!

Mansoor Shaukat

Sidrah Ramzan really came through for me. I needed a project to be done quickly, and I needed it to be top notch! She exceeded my expectations. I won’t use anyone else from here on out!

Kendra Rickert

Sidrah is a wonderful copywriter - she takes time to understand the nature of the task then comes up with brilliant ideas to get started with. The best part is where she takes constructive feedback and applies it accordingly. Very well-done Sidrah, looking forward to collaborating on more high-quality content!

Abdullah Malik

If you're looking for a great professional, Sidrah is the right person for you. Sidrah is very professional and her writing skills are great. She'll deliver your work on time looking at every detail. I would definitely recommend that you hire her!

Erand Xhelilaj

About Me

Oh Wow, you made it this far? Care to meet me?

Hi, I am Sidrah Ramzan, a Computer Scientist by degree and a copywriter by heart. I have always loved words, been friends with them, but never really thought much of it until I ended up in my undergrad course and started noticing this:

Although coding was not my forte, explaining how it works was where I shined.

And then a writer was born. I started off as a freelance writer and focused on one niche, i.e., TECH. Here, I turned tech jargon into laypeople's terms…which is exactly what has landed me the post of Chief Editor at Maximum Tech.

Of course, I didn’t start like this; had my fair share of junior/ mid-level jobs as a copywriter. But you see, where others struggled to explain the nitty-gritty of their product, I could easily make non-technical clients understand it.

And that is exactly what I have done for over 8 years. I have helped B2B companies, software vendors, and SaaS startups; you name it, by crafting content that is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

That's All Folks

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